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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Savannah

Settlement Factors in Motorcycle Accident Cases

If you are involved in personal injury lawsuit or an insurance claim, you are probably thinking how much your accident case might worth. There are lots of unique factors in a given motorcycle accident case to predict the result accurately in terms of dollar amount. But this post discusses the key considerations when trying to worth motorcycle accident cases. Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Savannah GA are always ready to help.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Savannah GA - Overcoming Prejudice and Bias Against Motorcyclist

Personal preconceived or bias judgment should not play any role in compensating any injured motorcyclist; however there is no evading human nature. Lots of people disbelieve or even dislike – the motorcyclists, and the members of jury aren’t immune from this discrimination. Juries might be less probable to award great verdicts to motorcyclists – as compared to passenger or driver of an automobile. Insurance adjusters are alert of this prejudice, and may decrease their settlement offer apply. For this reason, burden of making an actual case, and proving key problems described in this post, becomes more important for any injured motorcyclist and his Savannah Motorcycle Accident Lawyer if any.

How Parties Value a Prospective Case - Savannah Motorcycle Accident Attorney

"Valuing" any case means turning up with a top guess at what the jury may award the individual suing and guessing what the individual being sued would be ready to pay. This also means finding what the plaintiff will be ultimately ready to accept and settle the case prior to trial. That is a lot available to keep a track of. However, the two main factors in valuing any motorcycle accident case are extent of plaintiff’s damage -- meaning how bad that accident was and next is how major the resulting injuries were -- and how probable the jury or judge is to find out the defendant liable. Contact Motorcycle Accident Attorney Savannah GA to get compensation.

The Plaintiff’s Damage - Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Savannah

Estimating the potential result of motorcycle accident cases is really difficult for one major reason: at the trial, it’ll most likely be the jury which ultimately decides only how much money that the defendant should pay to the injured motorcyclist.

A few  damages, such as lost wages and medical bills, are simpler to predict since "concrete" costs such as these will be mostly based on amount a plaintiff demonstrates that he/ she has lost or paid and/or will even continue to lose or pay. For biased, less concrete damages such as "pains and sufferings," predictions are at the best a well-informed guess based on the awards in similar cases in past. Because each case and each jury is different, the best analysis even will only predict pains and sufferings damages within broad range.

Likelihood That Defendant Will Be Liable - Motorcycle Accident Attorney Savannah GA

The other main factor in valuing out a case is likelihood of a defendant being found liable, at the trial, for traffic accident. If plaintiff has no or little evidences proving that the defendant was liable for plaintiff motorcycle accident injury, the value of case goes down significantly. Even if the possible damages are higher, the defendant will be lesser than willing to settle down and more tending to take chance at the trial when liability is clearly in question. Likewise, plaintiff will be inclined more towards accepting a lower settlement as he runs the risks of getting nothing.

Availability And Amount of Insurance - Savannah Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If the defendant has fewer other assets, settlement won’t exceed the liability limit of defendant’s insurance. Jury verdict can and many times do exceed the insurance liability limit, but that doesn’t mean that the plaintiff is capable to gather the full quantity of verdict. If no other method to collect is there, a plaintiff’s most excellent option is generally to accept the settlement amount which equals the insurance cover limit, even if real damages are higher and easier to prove.

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